About Cafe Clairvoyance

About Café Clairvoyance

Cafe Clairvoyance is an online virtual entertainment spiritual show.

Phil Griggs is the the host.

 Debra Griggs is the producer. 

Please enjoy and share the inspiration and uplifting energy of Cafe Clairvoyance  

The Café Clairvoyance Spiritual Shows are live on YouTube every Monday.  

Cafe Clairvoyance established February 2020

Phil Griggs - Spain 

Phil Griggs is the host of the 

Café Clairvoyance Spiritual Shows.

 A reputable international Clairvoyant Medium,

 Medical Astrologer and Palmist.

 Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist.

 Life Empowering Integrative Neuro Coach, NLP, EFT and qualified Trainer.

Contact details are available at 


Debra Griggs – Spain

Debra Griggs is the Producer and administrator of 

the Cafe Clairvoyance Spiritual Shows. 

A Life Purpose & Intuitive Energy Coach. Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist.

 Numerologist and Tarot practitioner. 

 To contact Debra about the 

Café Clairvoyance Spiritual Shows 

or the 

Cafe Clairvoyance Magazine,

 please message her at  


Cafe Clairvoyance Page FB  

Mila Z - Spain


Mila is a Social Media Strategist and Mastermind Coach.

Public speaker and podcast host. 



Sami Hammi – Germany

An Acknowledgement to Sami Hammi 

Sami is a professional musical composer and director for stage, television and film. 

Sami wrote and produced the music for the 

Café Clairvoyance Spiritual Shows


Cafe Clairvoyance

+34 683 433 708

+44 7739023463

Instagram @cafeclairvoyance

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